Jazz VAS Services Unsubscribe Code (2024 Updated) Jazz Value Added Service Unsubscribe Code

When you recharge your phone, your balance is automatically deducted, and you search for the Jazz Vas services unsubscribe code. Then this guide is for you.

In this article, I will explain a complete method of how to unsubscribe jazz vas services.

The full form of “VAS” is jazz value added services.

This is a Ufone service for its customers Ufone provides the cheapest package in this service, and sometimes this service is activated automatically, and it deducts your balance when you recharge your phone.

So if you want to know how to unsubscribe vas services in jazz. Just read the full article.


Jazz VAS Services Unsubscribe Code

5 Jazz vas services are active nowadays. I will explain each separately, but if you just need the unsubscribe code for all the Jazz Vas services, you can see them in the below table.

5 Jazz Vas Services Unsubscribe Code.

Jazz Value Added ServicesUNSUB Codes
📞 Conference CallDial 1881#
💬 Zero Balance CallDial *600#
📱 Jazz Double NumberText ‘unsub’ to 4030
🛠 Active Services DetailsType UNSUB <service name> and send to 6611
💳 Direct Operator BillingType UNSUBP and send to 6170

These are the codes that you can use to deactivate Jazz Vas Services.

VAS Services Jazz Unsubscribe Code

As I told you in the above paragraph, there are 5 jazz vas service I will explain them separately in this guide.

  1. Conference Call 📞
  2. Zero Balance Call 💬
  3. Jazz Double Number 📱
  4. Active Services Details 🛠
  5. Direct Operator Billing 💳

These are the five Jazz Vas services First, I want to explain the conference call.

1st VAS Service (Conference Call 📞)

Conference Call is a jazz value-added service that always remains active automatically and continuously.

If you want to deactivate this service, then you should unsubscribe from it manually. If you want to unsubscribe from this service, then you need to dial *188*1# and unsubscribe.

VAS Service NameUnsubscribe Code
Conference Call 📞 *188*1#

2nd VAS Service (Zero Balance Call 💬)

The Jazz Vas Service was launched by Jazz because of the bad experience of users when they face balance shortages.

Due to the zero balance call service, you can generate a call with the aero balance, and the balance will be deducted by the receiver of the call.

If you want to unsubscribe, you need to dial *600# and deactivate the zero-balance service.

Offer NameUnsubscribe Code
Jazz Zero Balance Call 📞*600#

3rd VAS Service (Jazz Double Number 📱)

You can own two Jazz numbers in the presence of one SIM. This service is provided by Jazz Vas Service, named Jazz Double Number.

You can benefit from this service and own two numbers while using one SIM. But if you want to unsub it, then you need to send ‘unsub’ to the 4030 code.

Offer NameUnsubscribe via SMS
Double Number 📱SMS ‘unsub’ to 4030

4th VAS Service (Active Services Details 🛠)

If you want to check how many packages and services are active on your number,. You can do it with the service launched by Jazz named Active Service Details.

So if you want to unsubscribe from this service, “Active Service Details” then you need to type UNSUB <space> Service Name and send it to 6611 to deactivate it

Offer NameUnsubscribe via SMS
Jazz Active Services Details 🛠Type UNSUB <space> Service Name ad sent to 6611

5th VAS Service (Direct Operator Billing 💳)

This is a service provided by Jazz, and with the help of this service, you can purchase the goods without a credit card, which you can do by just paying the bill through your mobile.

But if you want to unsubscribe, type ‘UNSUB’ and send it to 6170 to deactivate the direct operator billing.

Offer NameUnsubscribe via SMS
Jazz Direct Operator Billing 💳Type UNSUBP and send it to 6170


In this article, I explain the complete guide on Jazz Vas services unsubscribe code in detail.

I explain the 5 Jazz Added services separately in detail and also share the codes through which you can unsubscribe from the Jazz VAS service.

I hope you understand and get the answer to your question If you have any questions related to this article, please feel free to ask them in the comment section.

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What is the Jazz Vas Service?

This is a service by Jazz to make the user experience good.

How do I unsubscribe from the “Zero Balance Call Vas” service?

You need to dial *600# and deactivate the “zero-balance service.”

How do I unsubscribe from the “Active Service Details” VAS service?

You need to type UNSUB <space> Service Name and send it to 6611 to deactivate it.

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