How To Transfer Mobile Balance To Easypaisa Account 2024

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If you’ve mistakenly or intentionally transferred a significant balance to your SIM card, or if you wish to share your mobile balance with friends, rest assured.

You can effortlessly reclaim it to your primary account, whether it’s Jazz Cash, Easypaisa, or a bank account.

This article guides you on how to transfer your mobile balance to your Easypaisa account.

How To Transfer Mobile Balance To Easypaisa Account
How To Transfer Mobile Balance To Easypaisa Account

How to Transfer Mobile Balance to EasyPaisa Account for All Networks

Here are some methods to return the balance to your Jazz Cash or Easypaisa account.

Sharing Balance from One Sim to Another

This is the initial approach for transferring balance to your account from a mobile device.

If someone in your friends or family circle requires a mobile top-up or balance, you can send it to their account and then ask them to send the equivalent amount to your Jazz Cash or Easypaisa account.

However, it’s important to understand how to share balance on various mobile networks. Below are the methods to share balance on all networks using different codes.

Jazz Balance Sharing Code

To transfer the balance from your Jazz SIM, just dial 10003XXXXXXXXXamount#. For example, if you want to transfer 100 rupees to the number 03001234567, dial 10003001234567100#, and your balance will be successfully sent.

The transaction fee for this transfer is 4.77 rupees plus tax, and you can transfer a maximum of 500 rupees using this method.

Jazz Balance Sharing Code
Jazz Balance Sharing Code

Telenor Mobile Balance Sharing Code

To transfer the balance, dial 1103XXXXXXXXXAmount# and press 1. The cost is 5.98 rupees, inclusive of tax. You can also share your balance using the My Telenor app.

Telenor Mobile Balance Sharing Code
Telenor Mobile Balance Sharing Code

Zong Mobile balance sharing

There is no specific code to share the balance on the Zong network.

However, you can share your balance by using the My Zong App. Download the My Zong App, select ‘balance sharing,’ and proceed with the transfer.

Zong Mobile balance sharing
Zong Mobile balance sharing

Code for sharing balance on Ufone

To share the balance on Ufone, dial 82803XXXXXXXXX*Amount# and press 1.

The charges for this service are 4 rupees plus tax.


Going to Easy Load Shop

If the above-mentioned method is not working, you can visit a nearby easy load shop and request them to send your balance to one of their customers.

You can receive payment either in cash or through your Easypaisa or Jazz Cash account.


These are some methods to transfer your SIM balance to any of your accounts. However, I do not recommend the last method involving Facebook groups because many scammers might take away all your balance without providing anything in return.

Therefore, exercise caution and use your judgment when sharing balance.


How can I transfer my mobile balance?

To initiate the balance transfer process on your phone, go to your phone dialer where you typically enter phone numbers for calls.

Dial 121, which is the special code for balance transfer.

After 121, enter the Du number of the recipient in the following format: (05xxxxxxxxx).

How can I send the balance through Easypaisa?

To initiate a bank transfer, tap on ‘Bank Transfer’ on the home screen.

Choose the bank to which you want to send the money.

Enter the receiver’s account number, select your purpose of payment, and optionally enter the receiver’s mobile number.

Enter the amount to be transferred and tap on ‘Next.’ Finally, tap on ‘Send now.

What is the limit of EasyPaisa?

10 lakh in the Easypaisa app.

What is the benefit of Easypaisa?

Easypaisa offers more than just money transfers. With the latest Easypaisa app, you can order your own Easypaisa debit card.

Additionally, you can recharge your phone, pay utility bills, send gifts, earn rewards, receive cashback, and enjoy discounts at partner restaurants and shopping franchises across Pakistan!

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