Zong New 0370 SIM Code Pakistan Online Booking

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Pakistani telecom network Zong recently launched a new code series 0370 for its prepaid users.

You can convert your current number into a new code series, which is 0370 SIM Code.

The Zong telecom network code series starts at 0311 and ends at 0319. But its new code-code series starts at 0370.

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0370 SIM Code Pakistan

The 0370 SIM code is the code series that the Zong telecom network recently launched. Nowadays, when someone gets a call from an unknown number that starts with 0370, people get shocked. They worry about this number.

If you already have the Zong number and want to convert it into the new series, it is a simple and quiet method.

You can also book the same number of Zong you have with the 0370 suffix. Enjoy it.

Here is the comparison between the Zong old code series and the Zong new code series.

How to get Zong new Serieal Number

Follow the steps to get the ZONG new code serial number.

  • Visit Zong Shop: Go to the nearest Zong Shop to get a Zong SIM with the new serial number 0370.
  • Book Online: Reserve your Zong SIM online and choose your preferred number in the new code series.
  • New Serial Number: 0370: Get the new Zong SIM number that suits your preference.

0370 Number Price in Pakistan

The price of the new number with the code series 0370 is the same as the old number. But here is good news for you: now you can claim the new Zong number for free. However, there will be some charges for transferring your old number to the new song number.

If you want to know about Zong, you can see the table below.

Official NameCMPak Limited (Operates under the brand name Zong)
Parent CompanyChina Mobile Communications Corporation (100% ownership)
Market Position2nd largest mobile service provider in Pakistan
Subscriber Base47 million (as of December 2023)
4G Subscribers33 million (as of December 2023)
Market Share24% (as of December 2023)
Network Technologies2G, 3G, 4G
4G CoverageOver 14,000 G-enabled sites across Pakistan
Prefixes031x, 0370x
WebsiteZong Site


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0370 Sim Code is the new code series that was launched by Zong Telecom Network recently.

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