0370 SIM Code Pakistan (2024 Updated)

If you are Pakistani and want to know about 0370 SIM Code Pakistan then this guide is for you.

These are the network codes in Pakistan and it is important to know about them the identify the network in Pakistan.

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0370 SIM Code Pakistan
0370 SIM Code Pakistan

0370 SIM Code Pakistan

0370 SIM Code Pakistan is the new code for the Zong network in Pakistan. The Zong telecom network started it to enhance their user’s demand.

Now, whenever you receive a call from an unknown number that starts at 0370, you need to understand that this is a Zong network.

The old Zong code series starts at 0311 and ends at 0319. But the new code series starts at 0370.

Network CodeNetworkDescription
0370ZongIf you receive a call from a number starting with 0370, it is a Zong number.

History Of Telecom Networks In Pakistan?

The telecom networks were established in 1947 after the independence of Pakistan. Only 12,346 telephone lines and 7 telegraph offices nationwide were working at that time.

But in Today’s digital life, technology is very advanced, and due to this today four telecom networks in Pakistan are working and it has a large user database.

These telecom networks are Jazz, Zong, Telenor, and Ufone.

Jazz Telecom Network and its Code Series

Jazz is one of the highest telecom networks in Pakistan with over 70 million subscribers as of January 2024.

The Jazz telecom network was formed in 2017 due to the merger of Mobilink and Warid.

The popularity of jazz is due to its cheap and affordable services. The Jazz Code series starts from 0301 and goes to 0309.

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Zong Telecom Network and its Code Series

Zong is the second largest telecom network in Pakistan with a subscriber base of 47 million, among which 34 million are 4G/LTE subscribers.

Zong Telecom in Pakistan was established in 2008 and it gained popularity very soon due to its 4G network and unbelievably good services.

The Zong code series starts from 0311 and ends at 0319.

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Telenor Telecom Network and its Code Series

Telenor is also a popular telecom network I Pakistan it was established in March 2005.

It has also a large user database and Telenor has approximately 44 million subscribers in Pakistan, with 23 million being 4G/LTE subscribers.

The Telenor Code series starts from 0341 and goes to 0349.

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Ufone Telecom Network and its Code Series

Ufone is also a popular telecom network in Pakistan with a subscriber base of 25 million, among which 14 million are 4G/LTE subscribers.

The Ufone code series starts from 0331 and ends at 0339.

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Comparison Between Telecom Networks in Pakistan

Here is the comparison between the telecom networks in Pakistan in the table.

NetworkSubscribers (Approx.)Formation YearNotable FeaturesCode Series
Zong47 million (34 million 4G/LTE)20084G network, Popular for good services0311-0319
JazzOver 70 million (as of January 2024)2017 (Mobilink and Warid merger)Cheap and affordable services, Result of Mobilink and Warid merger0301-0309
TelenorApproximately 44 million (23 million 4G/LTE)2005 (March)Large user database, Popular telecom network0341-0349
Ufone25 million (14 million 4G/LTE)Not specifiedAffordable services, Large subscriber base0331-0339

How to Check Zong Number?

By following the following method, you can check your Zong phone number:

  • To check your Zong mobile phone number, dial *8# on your Zong mobile phone.
  • Wait a few seconds, and your Zong phone number will be displayed on the screen.
  • If you encounter issues with the Zong network code 0370 or check your phone number, contact Zong customer care for assistance.
  • The customer support team will assist you with any concerns related to the 0370 network code.


In this article, we have explained the most important topic, 0370 SIM Code Pakistan, and we also provide additional information related to this topic.

We also share information about how to check your Zong phone number.

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Are Zong and Jazz the same?

No, Jazz and Zong are not the same network because they are different telecom networks.

Is 0313 a Zong number?

Yes, 0313 is the code of the Zong network.

What is the Ufone network code?

Ufone has a code series that starts from 0331 to 0339 and also 0370.

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