0310 Which Network Code In Pakistan

Question 0310 Which network code In Pakistan, arises when we get a call from an unknown number, which starts at 0310. So if you want to know about this, then you need to read this article.

In this article, I will explain 0310 which network code In Pakistan in detail.

Every telecom network has a unique one, but you don’t need to remember one. You need to remember the network code of a number.

There are four telecom authorities in Pakistan: Jazz, Ufone, Warid, and Zong.

All the telecom authorities have different network codes, which you can understand from the first four-digit number.

When you see it, you understand that the given numbers are jazz, ufone, warid, and zong.


0310 Which Network Code?

0310 is the Zong network code in Pakistan. Zong is a Pakistani telecom network, and its code starts at 0310 and ends at 0319.

In today’s digital age, people are using Zong more than other telecom networks.

Zong provides fantastic packages and calls. Due to this reason, people are using Zong Sim instead of others.

To understand easily and quickly, you can see the above table.

Topic Information
0310 Which Network CodeZong network code in Pakistan.
Zong SIM Codes0310, 0311, 0312, 0313, 0314, 0315, 0316, 0317, 0318, 0319, and 0370.
Zong SIM CodesStart from 0310 and end at 0319

0310 Which Network
0310: Which Network

Zong SIM Codes:

The second-best network working in Pakistan is Zong 4G.

Here are the serial numbers and SIM codes for Zong 4G.

Network Name:Zong


In this article, we have explained the 0310 Which Network code in Pakistan in detail.

I hope you understand and get the answer to your question.

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Is 0311 a Zong?

Yes, 0311 is a song number code.

Is 0313 a Zong number?

Yes, 0313 is also a Zong number code.

What is the Ufone network code?

The Ufone network code starts at 0301 and ends at 0309.

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